Autobóz is a work camp on automata, logic and games theory

Autobóz 2018 will take place in the Pyrénées moutains

In a lovely shelter L'Escapade
see on google maps.

We have four confirmed invited speakers:

Here is the list of all participants.
We also have a poster.
For previous editions see Autobóz 2017.

Organisers: Nathanaël Fijalkow, Filip Mazowiecki, Vincent Penelle
contact: Vincent.penelle (at)
Important dates:

Information about arrival:

We expect you to arrive on Sunday July 15. There are several steps to reach Gèdre: For the way back, the regular bus is leaving Gèdre at 5:40pm and arrives at Lourdes at 7pm, so it is a bit late. There is an earlier bus (11:25), but it stops at Pierrefite-Nestalas, from where you have to take another bus to Lourdes (SNCF bus). Probably we will organise taxis again.